Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~ GOODBYE 2012 ~

Goodbye to 2012 - It was a wondrous & fantastically creative year!!!!! We are extremely grateful to all of our Friends in Fragrance who took the time to appreciate our olfactory creations & to all our Perfume Writer friends who graced us with their beautifully seductive timeless words!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Check us out creating Custom Perfumes for Felicia Day & Sean Pratt on THE FLOG!  http://youtu.be/v3oPBjlKEWY

Friday, November 16, 2012

Custom Bespoke Fragrance Design

Are you one of a kind? We think your Signature Scent should be as unique as you are!

(Top Photo of Donato Crowley & Matthew Aguilar by Gil Cortes) 

Join us at OPUS OILS' Jitterbug Perfume Parlour for a truly unique Scentual Experience. Our Bespoke Fragrance Design Service starts with a phone call, where you'll discuss all your olfactory desires... We use your scent preferences to create a  completely customized "Scent Journey," where you will stop and smell the Roses, the Jasmines, the Woods, and the Gourmands Etc., as we select your Scent Palette which we will use to create your Signature Scent. Once your Scent Palette has been selected, we then start the process of designing your Personalized Custom Bespoke Fragrance. Once we have a working model we will present you with a couple scent variations that you can try out for a week or so, we will alter your preferential sample selection slightly, if need be, until we have a Fragrance that fits you like a glove. We promise to make you swoon!

Price will vary for our Bespoke Service based on choice of materials and the time spent on your project. In addition to our "Note by Note," Signature Fragrance Bespoke Design Service, we also offer an economy version utilizing pre-designed House Bases.

A Bespoke Perfume "Date" makes a wonderful gift for a special event, such as a birthday, a wedding or an anniversary! 

We can design a complete Bespoke Wedding/Event Package, including Personalized Scents for the Bride & Groom, and keepsake bottles for bridesmaids and guests! (Price varies depending upon the project.)

You will receive your finished Signature Scent in a Luxury 1.7 OZ Vanity Spray Bottle (Other Size Options plus Bath & Body Products are available as well for an additional charge.) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We have some Fabulous Perfume News to share!!! Our Dear Friend Monica Miller AKA PERFUME PHARMER is gearing up to launch an ALL NATURAL High End Fruity Floral Strawberry Perfume that was Custom Designed by yours truly!
The process of designing a Bespoke Fragrance, is an alchemical journey that Perfumer(Moi) & Client(Monica Miller) embark on together. The Client supplies the Dream, and the Perfumer translates that Dream into tangible Fragrant Art.
Throughout the process the Perfumer will supply the Client with multiple variations or "Mods," as they are called in the Fragrance Industry. Once the Client finds a Mod that pleases them, the Perfumer will make any needed adjustments to the Formula based on feedback from the Client. Eventually the process leads to a Final Mod, and from there production of the "Juice" commences. It just so happened on this project, that we ended up with 2 final Mods that Monica found to be a "right fit," for the Strawberry Passion Perfume of her Dreams! So to help her decide which one to release, she is getting a little help from her Friends in Fragrance. IOW "With a Little Help from her Friends," its going to be "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER!
Right now STRAWBERRY PASSION is being sent to BLOGGERS all over the world so they can vote on which MOD they think Perfume Pharmer should launch CREAM or GREEN. We invite you to follow along with the selection process! Places to visit on the STRAWBERRY PASSION Fragrance Tour: PERFUME PHARMER/ STRAWBERRY PASSION PERFUME On Facebook/ INDIEPERFUMES/ CHAYA RUCHAMA/ FRAGRANTICA/ John Reasinger/Gypsy Parfumista on PERFUME PHARMER/ FRAGRANCE BROS ~ VIDEO review by The Fragrance Bros/ THIS BLOG REALLY STINKS/
Whats your Passion CREAM or GREEN? CLICK HERE To try both MODS Yourself
Want to know what’s in it? See below for main notes:
Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume A ~ Strawberry Passion GREEN Top Notes – Pink Pepper/Red Mandarin/Bergamot/Tangerine/ Lemon/ Natural Ivy Accord Middle Notes - Rose/Tuberose/Boronia/ White Water Lily/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord Base Notes – Green Tea/ Amber/ Sandalwood/ Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Vetiver/ Oakmoss/ Beach Found Ambergris
Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume B ~ Strawberry Passion CREAM Top Notes – Bergamot/Tangerine//Red Mandarin/Pink Pepper Middle Notes – Boronia/ Rose/Tuberose/Jasmine/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord/ Natural Raspberry Accord Base Notes - Amber/Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Sandalwood/Beach Found Ambergris
As Monica says, "Hold onto your frilly pink panties darlings!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

M’Eau Joe № 3 ~ THE SCENT (An Open Fragrance Brief)

I am bubbling over with giddy excitement to be working in cahoots again with Fragrance & Flavor Industry Expert/Muse Extraordinaire Michelle Krell Kydd of Glass Petal Smoke!

I am pleased to officially announce that we are in the midst of CONJURING yet another fabulous Perfume Project for your aromatic pleasure. This time we will be "taking it to the streets," in an open Perfume Brief (another Industry first)! Feast your eyes on the M’Eau Joe №3 Fragrance Brief here...

We invite you to follow along with us as we move through the process of creating a Fragrance, from concept to finished product. Our Mission: To capture & bottle the wild and untamed life essence knowns as MOJO...

So what's going in to our Secret Sauce? Well, I can't tell you everything yet (that would spoil all of the fun!) But here's a hint: M’Eau Joe № 3 will contain an ultra sexy, original Fragrance Base (House of Opus Oils,) reminiscent of a good Old Vintage American Whiskey!

Plus an extra dose of Soul!

Be sure to follow us on TWITTER too for up to the moment updates & tasty tidbits that you won't find on our blogs:

@glasspetalsmoke -Michelle Krell Kydd
@OpusOils - Kedra Hart


The gaelic for Whiskey is "uisge beatha," which translates as `Water of Life'.


"She was the girl on fire with the silver hair close to her head, the eyes, the Viceroy in her fingers, the sleeves rolled up, those legs, yoicks! ... All you saw was her,'' the poet Rene Ricard, recalls, in Edie: American Girl.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

M'Eau Joe No 3 Is Cooking...

STAY TUNED... More details coming soon!

... In the mean time, stew on these #MOJO MOMENTS :

*** M'Eau Joe No 3 Is Cooking Image courtesy of Michelle Krell Kydd ©2012 Michelle Krell Kydd/Glass Petal Smoke. Whiskey Eau Image ©2012 Kedra Hart. All rights reserved.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Check out our Mermaid Treasure Collection in our Etsy Shop  !
There you will find our covetable Collection of Customizeanble Solid Perfumes that are housed in Collectable Vintage Compacts and other unique assorted collectable Aromatic Jewelry, plus Art Nouveau Style Aromatic Lockets.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anosmia Awareness Day

Today is National Anosmia Awareness Day, an event that was created by Daniel Schein on Facebook. The goal is to raise awareness about anosmia. As an outward sign of support of this cause we are wearing red today.

3 MILLION AMERICANS SUFFER FROM ANOSMIA! And yet, anosmia is not a word that everyone knows, like blind. Everyone knows what blind means. Who hasn't imagined what it would be like not to be able to see... Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to be able to smell? For an Anosmic person, every day is scentless. Think about that!

Follow the links to learn more about Anosmia:

Anosmia - A resource for those who have lost their sense of smell and taste

GLASS PETAL SMOKE - Michelle Krell Kydd

The Simian Line: Anosmia

-awareness-day.html">My Life With Anosmia

Image courtesy of Michelle Krell Kydd ©2012 Michelle Krell Kydd/Glass Petal Smoke. All rights reserved.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Isobutyl Quinoline....

I have fallen in love with your CREATURE SOUL!

You are a PURE BLACK LEATHER FLOWER... A fragrant fetish dream. I want to put you in a room next to voluptuous white petals & see how you play together. Your devilish charm is strange & intoxicating, there's no telling what will happen when you're around. You have a rebellious come-hither power that is deliciously dark,endlessly sexy, & completely irrisistable. In fact,you are nothing short of Animalic Aromatic Bliss! With your intense, exotic/erotic feminine allure, it's no wonder that Germaine Cellier became so entranced with you.

Smells Like: ROCK N'ROLL... Castoreum, Leather, Earthy, Oakmoss, Powerful, Mossy, Green, Woody, Leathery Vetiver... It is used in Chypre, Fougère and Tobacco accords... Hello BANDIT! (Piguet 1944)


Odor Type: Animal

Makes Me Want To: SCRATCH N' SNIFF!