Monday, October 12, 2009

VIP Gift Baskets -2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards

Paris Hilton at The 2009 Fox Reality Channel Really Awards in LA

Was thrilled to get a call from Natural 9 Entertainment,
asking us to do the honors of designing the Dressing Room Gift
Baskets for Paris Hilton, Vivica A. Fox, & Cindy Margolis,
For the 2009 Fox Reality Really Awards! How exciting!!

Today, as we put the special finishing touches on these
drewl-worthy fragrant treasure troves, I must say that
I am extremely pleased with the results, and I hope they
will be too...

At this point (I could still change my mind),
For Paris I've decided to go with Mostly ABSINTHIA
products as my dominant theme...

With a Special Edition VAMP Coffin Flask..

And for VIVICA, I'm doing a combo of Island and Isis...

For Cindy Margolis... I'm feeling KITTEN..
and STARLET...

...Just back from dropping off the baskets - what an
adventure! The venue was the Henry Fonda Theatre
(again - same place where Vampire Con was!), And as
Murphy's Law would have it (it never rains in SO CAL, so-)
it was raining... So here we are trying to get the baskets
from the car to the dressing rooms without getting them wet!
No easy task, yet somehow we managed, with the help of a
friendly security guard and not one, but two over sized

TASTY TID-BIT: (Per Wikipedia)
"Reality," the concept, is contrasted with a wide variety of other concepts, largely depending upon the intellectual discipline. Some believe that it can help to understand what we mean by "reality" to note that what we say is not real because we see it through different perspectives, therefore there is no basis for reality. But usually, if there are no original and related proofs, it isn't reality. Others believe that reality is consistent for all people, and it would be the perceptions and interpretations of this common reality that are different. An example of this is the belief that rain is the work of gods rather than a natural occurrence that has a scientific explanation. The perception and interpretation of rain is that it involves the supernatural, but this belief does not change the fact that rain is caused by water moving from a gaseous state into a liquid state. The reality is consistent, and it is the interpretation that is different, not the cause of the event..."

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Never Ending Summer

It's October, but here in LA LA Land it feels like July...
Welcome to the Never Ending Summer of 2009!
I think everyone in this town agrees that there is
such a thing as Global Warming.... Today's high is
93 degrees - That's just not right!

So the big question I've been getting from all my clients is:
What is the perfect scent to wear for Summer in October?

This is a trick question because the usual inclination
at this time of year is to reach for the Chypres (Siren, Pan),
or the Orientals(Mantra,Toro), but somehow, these scents
all feel too heavy for the current state of weather and
mind. While at the same time, my usual go to summer scent
suggestions, (Kitten,Island,Tropique,Eros), don't exactly
assuage the mood either...

Luckily, I have the perfect scent to answer this dilemma!


Her spicy floral Lily/Datura Note, satisfies in the
the floral realm,and the Isobutavan Note(creamy candy
Vanilla), satisfies a craving for comfort that comes
with the longer nights of Autumn/Fall, without imposing
the usual earthy heaviness of some Vanillas. Lastly,
the touch of Oakmoss(subtle and barely discernible)
gives a nod to the Chypre category, without being
overpowering or heavy. The overall effect is an
intoxicating, ethereal scent with a diffusive bloom,
and a long linger...


How Heat Affects the Body Human

"Human bodies dissipate heat by varying the rate
and depth of blood circulation, by losing water
through the skin and sweat glands, and-as the last
extremity is reached by panting, when blood is heated
above 98.6 degrees. The heart begins to pump more blood,
blood vessels dilate to accommodate the increased flow,
and the bundles of tiny capillaries threading through
the upper layers of skin are put into operation.
The body's blood is circulated closer to the skin's
surface, and excess heat drains off into the cooler
atmosphere. At the same time, water diffuses through
the skin as perspiration. The skin handles about
90 percent of the body's heat dissipating function."