Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is National Sense of Smell Day. This is an annual event that is sponsored by the Sense of Smell Institute (The Fragrance Foundation's Research & Education Division.) It is held on the last Saturday of April at a selection of children’s museums & science centers across the United States (at this point it is strictly an American Holiday.) Typically, museums & science centers that are involved in celebrating the day, will feature hands-on interactive activities & informational displays about the sense of smell (Olfaction.) Activities can include finding out about different smells from around the world & remembering the smells from your childhood.

This is a day to celebrate your nose & it's amazing ability to smell and identify over 10,000 odors!

SOTD: In celebration of my Primal Sense, today I chose to wear some of my treasured Vintage Patchouli... Patchouli to me is a very primal aroma, and so it seemed the perfect choice for today!...

Stay tuned for updates on The Summer of Patchouli Love 2011

TASTY TID-BIT #1: Anosmia is an Olfaction Disorder, simply put it is the lack of the ability to smell. When Anosmia occurs, your nose literally forgets how to smell. Anosmia may be either temporary or permanent. It can happen as a result of a head trauma, medications or a even a vitamin deficiency!

Vitamin A deficiency is a leading cause of loss of sense of smell, though this is reversible with supplementation of vitamin A.

For Further Reading on Anosmia check out GLASS PETAL SMOKE

The 2004 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (announced 4 October 2004,) was won by Richard Axel and Linda Buck for their work explaining olfaction, doccumenting the human genotype for sense of smell. Their work was published first in a joint paper in 1991 that described the very large family of about one thousand genes for odorant receptors and how the receptors link to the brain. There are more genes dedicated to smell than any other of our five senses.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


"My name is Tallulah
My first rule of thumb
I don't say where I'm going
Or where I'm coming from
I try to leave a little reputation behind me
So if you really need to
You'll know how to find me..."
~ My Name is Tallulah

...Personally, I always imagined you could find TALLULAH by following her Perfume Trail. What did she smell like you ask?... Surely her waft would be heavy on the Tuberose, thick & narcotic with a sexy Chypre dry down fit for the sultry siren she was!

When I was a kid we used to play BUGSY MALONE... A few of us girls were actually planning our own total remake of the movie and we took the business of "casting" very seriously! Of course we all wanted to be TALLULAH!!! I remember quarling about it amonst ourselves endlessly... Eventually an aggreement was struck (I won the coin flip) - and joy of joys LUCKY LUCKY ME - my name was Tallulah Officially!!!... Pie fights, & pre-teen girls in lipstick & pin curls pretending to hang out in a "Speak Easy," - ah youth in Hollywood!

SOTD: TALLULAH ~ Les Bohemes Scent Combination (Remember we told you that they "Played well Together!"):

Lil'Nico(TUBEROSE) + Gold Digger(NARCISSUS) + Heavy Sugar(AMBER) = "TALLULAH"

TASTY TID-BIT: The "Splurge Guns," did not actually fire the "Splurge." Director Alan Parker first tried wax balls filled with cream but these hurt when fired, so in the end the splurge guns actually fired ping pong balls, which the actors fired at nothing and what we see on-screen is clever editing between this and shots of actors being hit by handfuls of cream thrown at them by others.

SPEAKEASY ~ Les Bohemes Collection Preview on Perfume Pharmer

Our Lovely Friend in Fragrance Monica at the PERFUMEPHARMER.COM posted a "Top Drawer" blog previewing our New Les Bohemes Collection (Soon to be Officially Released!)

The fun Bugsy Malone inspired post brings out the kid in us!!! Slide on over to PERFUMEPHARMER.COM now and check it out! And don't forget to leave a comment on Perfume Pharmer for a chance to win a sample pack of Les Bohemes !


SOTD: SPEAKEASY (Wisteria)~ Key Notes of Citrus, Green Pepper, Green Mandarin, Jasmine Sambac, Lily, Orchid, Rose & Sandalwood.

TASTY TID-BIT #1: A SPEAKEASY, also known as a "blind pig" or a "blind tiger," is an illicit or unlicensed establishment dispensing alcoholic beverages. The speakeasy had been part of the American scene since at least the 1890s, but it reached its heyday after the Eighteenth Amendment took effect in January 1920, ushering in the Prohibition era. Though alcohol was officially illegal during Prohibition, bootleggers and distributors of illicit alcohol enjoyed a thriving business serving a public still eager to drink. At the height of their popularity (1924–1933), speakeasies were generally either bars or restaurants to which people gained admission by personal introduction or by presenting a card, usually informally. In social class they ranged from smart restaurants to underworld dens, but whereas before Prohibition, most "respectable" women would not be welcome in a public bar, women as well as men began flocking to speakeasies. (Dictionary of American History COPYRIGHT 2003 The Gale Group Inc.)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Snow & Sunshine Tea Party ~ WHY WE LOVE THE GOSSAMER TEAROOM!!!

Our Dear Friend Betty at the Gossamer TeaRoom has gifted us with another one of her deliciously delightful blog posts! Wont you join us for A Snow & Sunshine Tea Party...

Excerpt: "...Two nights ago, on the final night of March, my Mr. V and I were ensconced here alone in The Tearoom, waiting for our very late season snow storm to begin (which we hope is our last.) I was craving warmth and the sunshine of spring so much when I brewed one of Opus Oils’ Jitterbug Perfume Parlour Teas, Island Girl. And at 10 pm, under a cold sky of white, I found the sunshine I was looking for in this tea!..." (Click Link To read entire article Gossamer TeaRoom)