Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We have some Fabulous Perfume News to share!!! Our Dear Friend Monica Miller AKA PERFUME PHARMER is gearing up to launch an ALL NATURAL High End Fruity Floral Strawberry Perfume that was Custom Designed by yours truly!
The process of designing a Bespoke Fragrance, is an alchemical journey that Perfumer(Moi) & Client(Monica Miller) embark on together. The Client supplies the Dream, and the Perfumer translates that Dream into tangible Fragrant Art.
Throughout the process the Perfumer will supply the Client with multiple variations or "Mods," as they are called in the Fragrance Industry. Once the Client finds a Mod that pleases them, the Perfumer will make any needed adjustments to the Formula based on feedback from the Client. Eventually the process leads to a Final Mod, and from there production of the "Juice" commences. It just so happened on this project, that we ended up with 2 final Mods that Monica found to be a "right fit," for the Strawberry Passion Perfume of her Dreams! So to help her decide which one to release, she is getting a little help from her Friends in Fragrance. IOW "With a Little Help from her Friends," its going to be "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER!
Right now STRAWBERRY PASSION is being sent to BLOGGERS all over the world so they can vote on which MOD they think Perfume Pharmer should launch CREAM or GREEN. We invite you to follow along with the selection process! Places to visit on the STRAWBERRY PASSION Fragrance Tour: PERFUME PHARMER/ STRAWBERRY PASSION PERFUME On Facebook/ INDIEPERFUMES/ CHAYA RUCHAMA/ FRAGRANTICA/ John Reasinger/Gypsy Parfumista on PERFUME PHARMER/ FRAGRANCE BROS ~ VIDEO review by The Fragrance Bros/ THIS BLOG REALLY STINKS/
Whats your Passion CREAM or GREEN? CLICK HERE To try both MODS Yourself
Want to know what’s in it? See below for main notes:
Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume A ~ Strawberry Passion GREEN Top Notes – Pink Pepper/Red Mandarin/Bergamot/Tangerine/ Lemon/ Natural Ivy Accord Middle Notes - Rose/Tuberose/Boronia/ White Water Lily/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord Base Notes – Green Tea/ Amber/ Sandalwood/ Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Vetiver/ Oakmoss/ Beach Found Ambergris
Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume B ~ Strawberry Passion CREAM Top Notes – Bergamot/Tangerine//Red Mandarin/Pink Pepper Middle Notes – Boronia/ Rose/Tuberose/Jasmine/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord/ Natural Raspberry Accord Base Notes - Amber/Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Sandalwood/Beach Found Ambergris
As Monica says, "Hold onto your frilly pink panties darlings!"

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

M’Eau Joe № 3 ~ THE SCENT (An Open Fragrance Brief)

I am bubbling over with giddy excitement to be working in cahoots again with Fragrance & Flavor Industry Expert/Muse Extraordinaire Michelle Krell Kydd of Glass Petal Smoke!

I am pleased to officially announce that we are in the midst of CONJURING yet another fabulous Perfume Project for your aromatic pleasure. This time we will be "taking it to the streets," in an open Perfume Brief (another Industry first)! Feast your eyes on the M’Eau Joe №3 Fragrance Brief here...

We invite you to follow along with us as we move through the process of creating a Fragrance, from concept to finished product. Our Mission: To capture & bottle the wild and untamed life essence knowns as MOJO...

So what's going in to our Secret Sauce? Well, I can't tell you everything yet (that would spoil all of the fun!) But here's a hint: M’Eau Joe № 3 will contain an ultra sexy, original Fragrance Base (House of Opus Oils,) reminiscent of a good Old Vintage American Whiskey!

Plus an extra dose of Soul!

Be sure to follow us on TWITTER too for up to the moment updates & tasty tidbits that you won't find on our blogs:

@glasspetalsmoke -Michelle Krell Kydd
@OpusOils - Kedra Hart


The gaelic for Whiskey is "uisge beatha," which translates as `Water of Life'.


"She was the girl on fire with the silver hair close to her head, the eyes, the Viceroy in her fingers, the sleeves rolled up, those legs, yoicks! ... All you saw was her,'' the poet Rene Ricard, recalls, in Edie: American Girl.


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

M'Eau Joe No 3 Is Cooking...

STAY TUNED... More details coming soon!

... In the mean time, stew on these #MOJO MOMENTS :

*** M'Eau Joe No 3 Is Cooking Image courtesy of Michelle Krell Kydd ©2012 Michelle Krell Kydd/Glass Petal Smoke. Whiskey Eau Image ©2012 Kedra Hart. All rights reserved.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Anosmia Awareness Day

Today is National Anosmia Awareness Day, an event that was created by Daniel Schein on Facebook. The goal is to raise awareness about anosmia. As an outward sign of support of this cause we are wearing red today.

3 MILLION AMERICANS SUFFER FROM ANOSMIA! And yet, anosmia is not a word that everyone knows, like blind. Everyone knows what blind means. Who hasn't imagined what it would be like not to be able to see... Have you ever wondered what it would be like not to be able to smell? For an Anosmic person, every day is scentless. Think about that!

Follow the links to learn more about Anosmia:

Anosmia - A resource for those who have lost their sense of smell and taste

GLASS PETAL SMOKE - Michelle Krell Kydd

The Simian Line: Anosmia

-awareness-day.html">My Life With Anosmia

Image courtesy of Michelle Krell Kydd ©2012 Michelle Krell Kydd/Glass Petal Smoke. All rights reserved.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Isobutyl Quinoline....

I have fallen in love with your CREATURE SOUL!

You are a PURE BLACK LEATHER FLOWER... A fragrant fetish dream. I want to put you in a room next to voluptuous white petals & see how you play together. Your devilish charm is strange & intoxicating, there's no telling what will happen when you're around. You have a rebellious come-hither power that is deliciously dark,endlessly sexy, & completely irrisistable. In fact,you are nothing short of Animalic Aromatic Bliss! With your intense, exotic/erotic feminine allure, it's no wonder that Germaine Cellier became so entranced with you.

Smells Like: ROCK N'ROLL... Castoreum, Leather, Earthy, Oakmoss, Powerful, Mossy, Green, Woody, Leathery Vetiver... It is used in Chypre, Fougère and Tobacco accords... Hello BANDIT! (Piguet 1944)


Odor Type: Animal

Makes Me Want To: SCRATCH N' SNIFF!

Sunday, January 1, 2012




Friday, December 9, 2011

Opus Oils Announces The Official Release Of The Olfactory Breakthrough, “Eau Pear Tingle” - A Multi-Sensory Fragrance Experience

For Immediate Release: Contact:OPUS OILS
Ph: (323) 667-3376

Opus Oils Announces The Official Release Of The Olfactory Breakthrough, “Eau Pear Tingle” - A Multi-Sensory Fragrance Experience That Was Designed To Be Sensed By Those With Anosmia (Inability To Perceive Odors) & Savored By Connoisseurs Of Fine Artisan Aromatics.

Hollywood, CA – December 9th, 2011 – Opus Oils, a Perfume Atelier located in the heart of glamorous Hollywood, CA announced the Official Release of the olfactory breakthrough, “Eau Pear Tingle” - a multi-sensory fragrance experience that was designed to be sensed by those with anosmia (inability to perceive odors) & savored by connoisseurs of fine artisan aromatics. Eau Pear Tingle is available at OPUS OILS’ Jitterbug Perfume Parlour located at 4959 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027 or online at starting December 16th, 2011.

A delightfully fresh & stimulating fragrance, “Eau Pear Tingle” made its official debut at the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) Fall Luncheon, where it was unveiled to industry insiders and billed as "the future of perfumery" by keynote speaker, Michelle Krell Kydd, award-winning writer for Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine & Glass Petal Smoke.

This special, first of its kind scent was born out of love and science. Created by Perfumer Kedra Hart, with love for her anosmic mother, per the request of award winning writer Michelle Krell Kydd, who was inspired to post the fragrance brief on Twitter, out of love for her friend Kathleen Cochran who is facing losing her sense of smell due to Parkinson’s disease.

Michelle Krell Kydd had this to say about Eau Pear Tingle:
"Eau Pear Tingle is as much about "sensation" as it is about the unique ability that perfume has to express periods of time. The fragrance starts out with a modern mouthwatering juicy twist that is redolent of green pear, pineapple and a hint of coconut. This is followed by the trigeminal effect of camphor, mint and black pepper that has a delightful side effect; it steadies the breath with a mild cooling sensation complemented by the essence of fir and wood shavings. The perfume dries down to an addictive classic base that is rich in sandalwood and musk. When you wear Eau Pear Tingle you journey from the present into the future and repose in the past. The fact that someone who has anosmia is able to sense this fragrance is truly an innovation in the art of perfumery. It is also cause for the industry to consider anosmia as a source of inspiration for scent creation targeting connoisseurs as well as the 65+ demographic that is regularly snubbed by the industry; whether they have age related smell loss or not…”

Eau Pear Tingle has intrigued the senses of none other than Dr. Leslie Vosshall, a renown neurogenetics researcher/professor who directs The Vosshall Lab at The Rockefeller University. Dr. Vosshall's work focuses on olfaction, specifically on how odor stimuli are processed and perceived. Her enthusiastic response was reported on Glass Petal Smoke, “…Eau Pear Tingle is a heady mix of a gazillion things—pear/pineapple/coconut predominate at the start. On the waning side it starts to really smell elegant in a way that I am unable to articulate. I wish I could experience it from the point of view of an anosmic to see how they feel about it. Fascinating.”

About Eau Pear Tingle: Key Notes Include Pear, Lime Blossom, Spearmint, Jasmine, White Musk, Pine & Sandalwood. Available in Alcohol or Fractionated Coconut Oil, ranging in size from 1 Dram Parfum Roll-ons ($35), 1/2oz Parfum Roll-ons ($55), 1oz Eau de Parfum ($58) sprays, 1.7oz EDP Fancy Atomizers ($135), 2oz Eau de Parfum Sprays ($100). Also available in bath & body products (Bath & Body Oils ($50), Body Lotions ($44), Body Butters ($55) & Dead Sea Bath Salts ($42)). A formulation designed for men is currently in development.

About Kedra Hart: Kedra is the master blender & co-creator of OPUS OILS' Jitterbug Perfume Parlour, an Artisan Perfume Atelier in Hollywood CA. Kedra designs custom fragrances for individuals and businesses, hosts "scent events" and "custom blending parties," and teaches perfumery in Los Angeles, CA. Clients Include: Four Seasons (Beverly Hills), House Of Belle (Beverly Hills), Raju Rasiah Rare & Exotic Jewels (Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills), The Nile Institute Spa (West Hollywood), Rouge Beauty Boutique (New Orleans). Kedra was one of the original developers of The Apothecary at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills Her sensuous creations are enjoyed by celebrities including Jodie Foster, Fairuza Balk, Vivica A. Fox, Paris Hilton, Cindy Margolis, Summer Phoenix, Patti Austin, Rosanne Barr, Gretchen Bonaduce, Felicia Day, Kayvan Novak, and Janet Varney.

About Opus Oils: Opus Oils is a Perfume Atelier located in the heart of glamorous Hollywood, California. Our goal is to create high quality, couture perfumes, made in the traditional methods of the artisan perfumers of centuries past. Our specialty line of boutique fragrances are hand blended, properly aged and poured in small batches by master blender Kedra Hart. "We are one of the few, niche perfumeries involved in the quickly growing field known as 'natural perfumery. Recent fragrance releases include: The Absinthe, Burlesque, Divine & Island Girl Collections, Jitterbug Perfume Parlour Teas & Champagne Roses, Roller Girl Perfume, Satan's Angel "Queen of the Fire Tassels" Perfume, The Fetish Collection featuring Tiger Powers Ltd. Ed. Pop Art and Gretchen Bonaduce’s “Unearthly Beauty?,” “Les Bohemes” Collection, and Wild Child #13. Our 400+ products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. All formulas are available in alcohol or fractionated coconut oil.

Contact Information:
Lili Thomas,
Director of Public Relations, OPUS OILS
4959 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027
Ph: (323) 667-3376

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Scents ~ October in Review

Our October was off to a great start with with a Feature/Interview in Issue #34 of Gothic Beauty Magazine!!! GOTHIC BEAUTY is America's favorite Gothic magazine, and we were thrilled to be spotlighted. My thanks to Kirsty Evans for writing such a haunting review, and to Carrie for generously sharing her copy!

Glowey Joey Bunny at Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies, had a sleepless night tossing and turning with our CHARLIE #5, from The Afraid of the Dark Collection... What was she thinking, wearing CHARLIE to bed?

According to Joey, "Charlie #5 is a truly delicious, seductive amber. Upon application, I was knocked back by a hypnotic mix of deep amber, an animalic musk, and a rich, creamy vanilla. Oh god, oh god! I could not stop sniffing myself. Sillage was very good, and my room was scented with just the two-three dabs of the perfume oil I had applied on my wrists and neck." Visit her fabulous blog to read the whole review Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies.

Luckily, just in time for Halloween, Joey found her Inner Vampire & Eternal youth in our ODE DE VAMPYRE. She says, "Ode de Vampyre is my scent, bottled. The slightest hint of a spicy saffron mixes with this unbelievable powdery accord: orris and sandalwood, two of my weaknesses. A strong facade of innocence covers up the demon within - I get hints of rose, of resin, of wood, but they take a backstage to that beautiful babyish scent. Delicious, so close to the skin, and frighteningly familiar..." Click Here to read the full review.

Victoria at EauMG knows how to have grown-up Halloween fun... Be sure to visit her blog where she shares some of her favorite scented treats in her Halloween 2011 Fragrance Guide. We are so flattered that Victoria picked our VOODOO to be her Halloween Costume this year! In her words, "Voodoo is spine-tingling b-film in perfume form... Something about it is fiery and bewitching..." (We could say the same thing about the ever lovely Victoria!)

Enjoy the Scents of the Season, & have a Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Perfumery's Future: IFRA Fall 2011 Presentation by Michelle Krell Kydd

Recently, I had the opportunity to create a fragrance in response to a "Social Media Fragrance Brief," from one of my all time favorite Flavor & Fragrance Writers, Michelle Krell Kydd of GLASS PETAL SMOKE. Michelle is one of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry's most exciting and industrious writers. In addition to her own Blog she is a regular contributor to Perfumer Flavorist Magazine.

In "Twitter's First Fragrance Brief," Michelle asked independent perfumers to create a perfume which could be sensed by Anosmics - those who have no sense of smell. She wondered if it was possible to make a perfume that would stimulate the Tirgeminal Nerve 5, thus giving Anosmics the sensation that they were actually smelling something...

This idea was immediately intriguing to me as my Mother has been Anosmic, for all of my adult life(due to a head trauma). This means that she has never smelled any of my Perfume Creations... I think (most) all Perfumers share in that one of the biggest inspirations to their Olfactory Tapestry is their Mother. Deep down, we all want to make something beautiful that "Mother will Love". So it was a no brainer that I would respond to Michelle's challenge to attempt the seeminly impossible - to create a scent that could be sensed by people that have no sense of smell!

Michelle previewed the resulting scent "EAU PEAR TINGLE," recently during her Keynote Speech presentation at IFRA (International Fragrance Association 2011 Fall Meeting and Luncheon). In her words, "EAU PEAR TINGLE, is divine. (It)Starts out modern, trills with a fresh cooling effect and dries down with classic qualities... It was well received and indicative of the future of fragrance creation coupled with the power of social media...."

I would like to encourage my readers to check out GLASS PETAL SMOKE, Michelle's exceptional Blog.

Here's you opportunity to be a fly on the wall inside the hush hush world of the Fragrance Industry, as Michelle's presentation "Perfumery's Future," for the IFRA Fall 2011 Luncheon is embedded in the post!

Stay tuned for more details about EAU PEAR TINGLE ~ "The perfume you can feel!"

Friday, October 21, 2011

SEXY BEAST ~ Lusty Thoughts & Blog Love for Dirty Sexy Wilde!

Our delightful friend Glowy Joey Bunny at Beauty Bacon Bunnies was sleepless in NYC a few nights ago... Not one for idle sleeplessness she wrote a delicious review calling DIRTY SEXY WILDE "Sex In Bottle"!

"It’s no small secret that I love Opus Oils, and it’s definitely widely-known that I think that Kedra Hart is hell-bent on driving her customers into a sex-drenched frenzy with her fragrances. What is fragrance but the ultimate tool for seduction? Kedra knows this, exploits this, and uses this knowledge to create dizzyingly addictive fragrances." ~Joey

You'll want to read the rest of her steamy review to see what happens when she puts DSW to the "Boyfriend Test", so be sure to visit her fabulous blog Beauty Bacon Bunnies !

Our'SEXY BEAST' DSW was the lucky recipient of another stimulating and highly erotic blog post by resident cyber Sex Kitten and Author Extraordinaire, Sheila Eggenberger on her delectable Scent Blog Scent Less Sensibilities where she says:

"By golly, this is one of the most erotic things I’ve ever had the pleasure to inhale. It starts off green and slightly soapy in an elegant scented lace-edged Victorian handkerchief way, but it takes no time at all for it to begin asserting itself in all the best and most anticipatory ways. This is where it’s closest to the elegant Oscar, the aesthete Dorian." Scent Less Sensibilities

What is it about DSW that's got these ladies so hot & bothered? Well, it could be a combo of all the Animalic notes (Ambergris, Civet, Musk), or it could be our Dirty Sexy poster boy Mr. Tiger Powers (According to Joey,"his appeal is thermonuclear!" And Sheila AKA Tarleisio is so smitten that she wrote not just 1 but 2 ultra fabulous Scent Stories that STAR our Lad Tiger! )... Dare to try it and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. WARNING: A little bit goes a long way!

Key Notes: Galbanum, Red Mandarin, Violet, Rose, Night Jasmine, Blond Tobacco, Oakmoss, Coumarin, Musk, Civet and Ambergris