Tuesday, March 13, 2012

M’Eau Joe № 3 ~ THE SCENT (An Open Fragrance Brief)

I am bubbling over with giddy excitement to be working in cahoots again with Fragrance & Flavor Industry Expert/Muse Extraordinaire Michelle Krell Kydd of Glass Petal Smoke!

I am pleased to officially announce that we are in the midst of CONJURING yet another fabulous Perfume Project for your aromatic pleasure. This time we will be "taking it to the streets," in an open Perfume Brief (another Industry first)! Feast your eyes on the M’Eau Joe №3 Fragrance Brief here...

We invite you to follow along with us as we move through the process of creating a Fragrance, from concept to finished product. Our Mission: To capture & bottle the wild and untamed life essence knowns as MOJO...

So what's going in to our Secret Sauce? Well, I can't tell you everything yet (that would spoil all of the fun!) But here's a hint: M’Eau Joe № 3 will contain an ultra sexy, original Fragrance Base (House of Opus Oils,) reminiscent of a good Old Vintage American Whiskey!

Plus an extra dose of Soul!

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@glasspetalsmoke -Michelle Krell Kydd
@OpusOils - Kedra Hart


The gaelic for Whiskey is "uisge beatha," which translates as `Water of Life'.


"She was the girl on fire with the silver hair close to her head, the eyes, the Viceroy in her fingers, the sleeves rolled up, those legs, yoicks! ... All you saw was her,'' the poet Rene Ricard, recalls, in Edie: American Girl.



Carrie Meredith said...

Ooh, I can already tell that I'll need a bottle of this. I'll be following along as you two make your ideas into reality!

Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Thanks for joining us Carrie! Knowing your taste, I can tell you that this one is going to be WAY up your alley!! It's a SLOW BREW Scent~ rich, dark & moody loaded with lots of yummy Vintage Base Notes... ;)