Wednesday, May 16, 2012


We have some Fabulous Perfume News to share!!! Our Dear Friend Monica Miller AKA PERFUME PHARMER is gearing up to launch an ALL NATURAL High End Fruity Floral Strawberry Perfume that was Custom Designed by yours truly!
The process of designing a Bespoke Fragrance, is an alchemical journey that Perfumer(Moi) & Client(Monica Miller) embark on together. The Client supplies the Dream, and the Perfumer translates that Dream into tangible Fragrant Art.
Throughout the process the Perfumer will supply the Client with multiple variations or "Mods," as they are called in the Fragrance Industry. Once the Client finds a Mod that pleases them, the Perfumer will make any needed adjustments to the Formula based on feedback from the Client. Eventually the process leads to a Final Mod, and from there production of the "Juice" commences. It just so happened on this project, that we ended up with 2 final Mods that Monica found to be a "right fit," for the Strawberry Passion Perfume of her Dreams! So to help her decide which one to release, she is getting a little help from her Friends in Fragrance. IOW "With a Little Help from her Friends," its going to be "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER!
Right now STRAWBERRY PASSION is being sent to BLOGGERS all over the world so they can vote on which MOD they think Perfume Pharmer should launch CREAM or GREEN. We invite you to follow along with the selection process! Places to visit on the STRAWBERRY PASSION Fragrance Tour: PERFUME PHARMER/ STRAWBERRY PASSION PERFUME On Facebook/ INDIEPERFUMES/ CHAYA RUCHAMA/ FRAGRANTICA/ John Reasinger/Gypsy Parfumista on PERFUME PHARMER/ FRAGRANCE BROS ~ VIDEO review by The Fragrance Bros/ THIS BLOG REALLY STINKS/
Whats your Passion CREAM or GREEN? CLICK HERE To try both MODS Yourself
Want to know what’s in it? See below for main notes:
Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume A ~ Strawberry Passion GREEN Top Notes – Pink Pepper/Red Mandarin/Bergamot/Tangerine/ Lemon/ Natural Ivy Accord Middle Notes - Rose/Tuberose/Boronia/ White Water Lily/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord Base Notes – Green Tea/ Amber/ Sandalwood/ Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Vetiver/ Oakmoss/ Beach Found Ambergris
Strawberry Passion Natural Perfume B ~ Strawberry Passion CREAM Top Notes – Bergamot/Tangerine//Red Mandarin/Pink Pepper Middle Notes – Boronia/ Rose/Tuberose/Jasmine/ Black Currant/ Natural Peach Accord/ Natural Strawberry Accord/ Natural Raspberry Accord Base Notes - Amber/Patchouli/ Vanilla/ Sandalwood/Beach Found Ambergris
As Monica says, "Hold onto your frilly pink panties darlings!"

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Monica said...

A Custom Designed perfume by Kedra Hart (you Dear)had been on my mind for a while...taking the plunge is truly one of the most wonderful experiences in Perfume a Girl could have! First of all, besides being a fabulous perfumer who knew exactly the direction I wanted to go in without my having to be articulate in any way, Kedra is just such a Doll to work with! All I said were things like "you know, like such and such a perfume except with less patch, more caramel and a tinge of green. Like a ripe strawberry patch that someone drizzled cream and caramel on. Like a Devonshire Cream Tea with fresh scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam, and a beautiful view of lush green country! Strawberry Cream AND Green are both wonderful. Right now I'm getting feedback from MANY folks on their preference.....and am planning to launch by Midsummer!
Another note- I can't believe more people aren't getting this done (custom scent). It seems the obvious thing to do as a Perfumista (lover and collector of perfumes). The amount people spend on their collection might at some point include a custom perfume- it's such a special experience and so satisfying.