Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Isobutyl Quinoline....

I have fallen in love with your CREATURE SOUL!

You are a PURE BLACK LEATHER FLOWER... A fragrant fetish dream. I want to put you in a room next to voluptuous white petals & see how you play together. Your devilish charm is strange & intoxicating, there's no telling what will happen when you're around. You have a rebellious come-hither power that is deliciously dark,endlessly sexy, & completely irrisistable. In fact,you are nothing short of Animalic Aromatic Bliss! With your intense, exotic/erotic feminine allure, it's no wonder that Germaine Cellier became so entranced with you.

Smells Like: ROCK N'ROLL... Castoreum, Leather, Earthy, Oakmoss, Powerful, Mossy, Green, Woody, Leathery Vetiver... It is used in Chypre, Fougère and Tobacco accords... Hello BANDIT! (Piguet 1944)


Odor Type: Animal

Makes Me Want To: SCRATCH N' SNIFF!

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tarleisio said...

I so totally understand your obsession with isobutyl quinoline...and can't wait to discover what you do with it! ;) As for's one of the greatest perfumes ever made. Ever!