Thursday, April 14, 2011


"My name is Tallulah
My first rule of thumb
I don't say where I'm going
Or where I'm coming from
I try to leave a little reputation behind me
So if you really need to
You'll know how to find me..."
~ My Name is Tallulah

...Personally, I always imagined you could find TALLULAH by following her Perfume Trail. What did she smell like you ask?... Surely her waft would be heavy on the Tuberose, thick & narcotic with a sexy Chypre dry down fit for the sultry siren she was!

When I was a kid we used to play BUGSY MALONE... A few of us girls were actually planning our own total remake of the movie and we took the business of "casting" very seriously! Of course we all wanted to be TALLULAH!!! I remember quarling about it amonst ourselves endlessly... Eventually an aggreement was struck (I won the coin flip) - and joy of joys LUCKY LUCKY ME - my name was Tallulah Officially!!!... Pie fights, & pre-teen girls in lipstick & pin curls pretending to hang out in a "Speak Easy," - ah youth in Hollywood!

SOTD: TALLULAH ~ Les Bohemes Scent Combination (Remember we told you that they "Played well Together!"):

Lil'Nico(TUBEROSE) + Gold Digger(NARCISSUS) + Heavy Sugar(AMBER) = "TALLULAH"

TASTY TID-BIT: The "Splurge Guns," did not actually fire the "Splurge." Director Alan Parker first tried wax balls filled with cream but these hurt when fired, so in the end the splurge guns actually fired ping pong balls, which the actors fired at nothing and what we see on-screen is clever editing between this and shots of actors being hit by handfuls of cream thrown at them by others.

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