Sunday, July 4, 2010


HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!! Hope you all see lots of pretty Sky Flowers tonight!

SOTD: A new Mod from a current Scent Design project,that I just can't just get enough of lately... It's a heady blend of summer florals that goes creamy in that "I want to eat my own skin," kind of way... My client hasn't even smelled it yet, as I am waiting on the aging process to complete, but"She" is yummy, yummy, yummy,& getting yummier with each day of aging! I find myself gravitating her way over & over again...

I've nicknamed her "LIBERTY, 2010"

KEY NOTES: Frangipani,Freesia,Muguet,Jasmine,Wild Rose,Mango,Green Tea,White Musk,& Sandalwood

She smells Pink like Rose Champagne & Cotton's CANDY SKY...

TASTY TID BIT: Hot Artist Alert!!!

Will Cotton paints beautiful, creamy skinned nudes amidst luscious surroundings. Instead of painting high on the sugar of that decadent lost age in art, Cotton updates his opulent source material by replacing pastoral love scenes with mountains of sweets and erotic treats. Ala "Candy Sky"(See above pic)...

Candy for Cotton is what dark lush forests were for the 18th masters; an ideal of plenty and a site for temptation. There are no consequences depicted in these hedonistic scenes, but viewers know that outside the fantasy indulgence will have its price. Whether the models are his scenes' protagonists, or just eye-candy, they never appear satiated or at peace. As we know, Candy may satisfy emotional needs and frivolous fancies, but in the end it only distracts the body from its genuine hungers, producing fat not fulfilment. Like the fatty foods he paints, Cotton's paintings might appear light, but they are heavy with meaning.

WILL COTTON SAYS: "Sweet is such a delightful and complex word. It represents everything I want to paint about: the pure, the fragrant, the desirable and the dream of complete indulgence in a perfect world. But sweetness taken to an extreme degree, as it is in my pictures, becomes cloying, even repulsive and that's where it gets interesting for me." Per the Saatchi Gallery.

Will Cotton Paintings


pheromone advantage said...

Well,sweet candy scent is so interesting I like it and I want to have a perfume like this. :)


Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Then You would love our "Unearthly Beauty?"... Sweet & Candy scented(like "Swedish Fish" candy to be exact!)