Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Thanks so much to Betty over at THE GOSSAMER TEAROOM for the lovely and creative review of our ABSINTHE Tea!

Here's an excerpt:

... "This tea starts out with strong tannic notes, but the next note is a divine, complex combination of herbal, flowery and creamy notes, with just a touch of anise flavor. At this point, I added a bit of sugar to bring out these notes even more. (Of course you may add whatever sweetening you prefer, but I find white sugar is more neutral in flavor.) The black tea adds the rich, resinous base, followed up with the green herbal notes from the pear and violet leaf absolute, the deeply floral violet, the creamy, but exotic note of the vanilla and anise seeds for a final note of absinthe; a unique and luxurious experience. This is a tea to be savored, sipped slowly and as they say it is “extremely addictive”! This tea was delicious hot and they do suggest serving it iced as well. I’m certain that sipping it iced on a hot summer night would be a decadent experience!"

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The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Thank you so, so much for your post about my review of your delicious and dream-inducing Absinthe Tea! It is so amazingly decadent! (I absolutely love the image you chose for this post! Perfect!)

Thanks also for adding The Tearoom to your blogroll!


Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Hi Betty!
Am so glad that you enjoyed our Absinthe Tea and took the time to post about it on your ultra fabulous Blog (which I just LOVE BTW!)