Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gothic Victorian Tea Party and Poetry Reading at The Gossamer Tea Room!

For anyone who didn't make it over to Disneyland today for The Annual Bats Day in the Fun Park: "The Spooky Trip to Disneyland CA", our Lovely friend Betty over at The Gossamer Tearoom is having a Gothic Victorian Tea Party & Poetry Reading and your all invited!

Or as Betty says, "You... of the heart tattoos in places unmentionable, lipstick and matching nail polishin nightshade or abyss...enter here...and indulge in the celebration of crimson and ebon..join our sacred salon of sisterhood.

The samovar steeps a tea of exceptional fragrance and flavor tonight please share a cup with us as we ask for silence the poetry reading is about to begin..."

On Today's Menu ~ Roller Girl Tea & Fetish Envy Cake from the House of Pierre Hermé

SOTD: ROLLER GIRL PERFUME With Key Notes of Black Chery, Vanilla & Black Licorice...

TASTY TID-BIT: BATS DAY is a yearly event in which several thousand people, who are into Gothic attire and/or lifestyle, attend events over a three day weekend. Culminating in a full day of fun at Disneyland!


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Kedra,
You always pick such cool images to go along with my posts!!! Thank you again for the links!!!! I'm working on a little something inspired by your yummy Burlesque tea next!!

Wishing you a wonderful evening!


Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Hi Betty,

So glad you like the pics :~)... Your posts always conjure such visions that it's especially fun searching for the best images to match!

Have a wonderful evening yourself!