Friday, July 29, 2011

WILD CHILD #13 Wins 1st Place in Summer of Patchouli Love 2011 Contest!!

Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011 OVERALL WINNER! PLAP!!!

……Drumroll please…...


of Summer of Patchouli LOVE 2011

Perfume Pharmer and the patch Test Bunnies is…

#13 WILD CHILD by Opus Oils!!!

WILD CHILD #13 was selected as a top favorite by celebrity judge Academy Award Winning Actress Jodie Foster and Film Director Cynthia Mort, & Grammy Award Winning Vocalist Patti Austin, as well as Starhawk (Author of bestselling novel The Fifth Sacred Thing/Activist/Educator), and multiple Fragrance Bloggers!

Come on "FEEL" the Love!


Monica Miller (Pharm Marm) of Perfume Pharmer Says :

"I Was assaulted by woman at Morning Glory Farmstand Martha's Vineyard. WHATS THAT PERFUME??? WHERE DO I GET IT???? I sold her the one I was bringing to a store on MV for their sales approval.... ......... #13 Wild Child by Opus Oils"

Donna Hathaway of Perfume Smelling Things says:

"My penultimate selection was Number Thirteen, which is Wild Child by Opus Oils. I think this might just be the most applauded one in the bunch for all the Patch Test Bunnies and the celebrity testers and judges alike, and for good reason. It's easy to love and absolutely delicious with its buttery floral character and coconut-infused tropical tanning oil vibe..."

Carol of WAFT BY CAROL Says: "No 13 ~ Opus Oils - Wild Child, was my top pick , alot of test bunnies picked this one . Go OPUS OILS !! I found it creamy , sweet , musky , floral , sexy , patchouli rich...,it hit all my buttons just right ! Full Bottle Worthy !!"

Get your PLAP on! To purchase WILD CHILD #13 click on this link to be redirected to

Sample Boxes of all 13 Patchouli Perfume Samples are available - to order email Monica

$65 for all 13 perfumes including shipping in the USA or $35 for top 7 PLAP perfumes including shipping in USA. Email Monica to order

What I love most about this Summer is all the special friends that I have encountered ALONG THE WAY!

We are all winners, and we all are Blessed to have been brought together by the ever lovely Monica Skye Miller, over the common theme of Peace-Love-And-Patchouli ~PLAP!!!


Carrie Meredith said...

Congratulations, Kedra my love! It's a well-deserved honor. :)

Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Thanks SO much my Sweet! ;~)

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Congratulations, Kedra! That's very exciting! What an honor! And I really love the label! Peacock feathers became favorites of mine while wandering, as a child, through shops thick with the scent of incense and being dazzled by Peter Max posters!

(BTW, I still have one more tea review for you! It has been a summer full of Real Life, unfortunately not in all good ways, but please tell Tiger he is not forgotten and that his tea is still inspiring me!!)


Sharryn Stormonth said...

~Congratulations~ I recieved my gorgeous PLAP box last week, just waiting to get over a flu. I am have read so many good reviews about Wild Child, I am eager to try it, and it will be my first Opus, quite excited about this. I feel like I should wait until our summer but I don't think I'm disciplined enough.

Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Thanks a bunch Betty!

It is definitely an honor and a thrill having my Patchouli perfume get picked as a favorite by so many people!

We are all very excited to see what you do with your Tiger Tea review! BTW we have been having issues with our website so have not been able to add your last couple to our news and reviews section yet- but will do ASAP ;-)... So sorry that "real life" has been rough 4 U lately! I hope things get much better pronto!

XoXo, Kedra

Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Cheers Sharryn! Thanks for taking the time to comment;-). I hope you are feeling much better soon so you can start enjoying all the PLAP!... I wouldn't wait 4 your Summer to start sniffing - most of the scents are great for all seasons! Enjoy ;-).