Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Afraid of the Dark" Collection Launch at Vampire-Con 2009

Our "Afraid of the Dark" Collection Launch at Vampire Con
was a blast!

At 5:00 AM the day of the event, I was still putting the
finishing touches on the Collection... By 8:00 AM I was
totally delerious from a combination of lack of sleep
and aroma inhalation overdose... Needless to say,
the Vampire Coffee was a life saver!

The event took palce at the Henry Ford Theatre,
a Striking Art Deco ghost on Hollywood Blvd rich
with history... The lighting was atmospheric
(should have brought the candelabra,) just the way we
like it,and we had the perfect view of the stage for
the Panel Discussions & Deliciously Vampy
entertainment provided by our dear Friend
Count Smokula & the ever lovely Scarlet Rose.
Scarlet's "Gypsy Rose Dance" to Smokey's timeless
serenading was my favorite moment of the day!

"Location,Location,Location"... So LOVED our next
door neighbors!!! On one side we had La Dance Macabre,
The delicious duo with the grooviest stuff ever (one
of everything please)! ...And on the other side was
Count Smokula, giving us plenty of time to enjoy
his most enchanting company... (Stay tuned for updates
about the Custom Scent we will be creating for this very
special Hollywood Icon!)

SOTD: Hands down our most popular scent of the day was
"Ode de Vampyre". Both Girls and Guys were grabbing
it up with equal enthusiasm - love it when a scent goes
both ways!
KEY NOTE:Blood Cedarwood, Saffron,Dark Rose,Orris Root,
Sandalwood, Black Agar, Vetiver, Honey & Temple Incense...


TASTY TID-BIT: The first full work of fiction about a vampire
in English was John Polidori’s influential "The Vampyre",
which was published incorrectly under Lord Byron’s name.
Polidori (1795-1821) was Byron’s doctor and based his
vampire on Byron.

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