Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dirty Sexy Wilde Dandy Launch Party /Jitterbug Perfume Parlour 1 year Anniversary

From our press release: Hollywood, CA – September 1st, 2009
Opus Oils, a Perfume Atelier located in the heart of glamorous
Hollywood, CA announced today the Official Release
of their all new “Dirty Sexy Wilde” Collection.
The Launch will mark the 1 year anniversary of OO’s
“Jitterbug Perfume Parlour” (retail boutique & HQ),
and the Debut of their Coffin shaped "Perfume Flasks"
with decorative frames and pictures.
It will all take place at Opus Oils’ Jitterbug Perfume
Parlour, 4959 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027
on September 5Th, 2009.

I am happy to say that "Dirty Sexy Wilde" was a fragrant hit!
I took it as a compliment that multiple people told me it was
"Like nothing they had ever smelled before", and "Vintage,
but with a modern twist..."

The temperature was in the high 90's all night, but despite
the lingering heatwave, a "Dandy Good Time" was had by all!
Actually, there was something beautifully languid and
Southern-Victorian to it... Between the heat,the fine
company, the perfumes and the punch it was quite surreal!
With the fancy dress Dandy-inspired costumes, and all the
Velvet Fainting Couches it was easy to imagine that we were
in another time...

A very special thanks to all our friends who came by
to help us celebrate, and were such good sports to dress
in their "Dandy Best",despite the high temperature!
Extra Special thanks to our DJ's Harvey Wallbanger,
Professor LaCroix,Eva Bunny and our stylish
San Francisco chums who made the trek all the way
from the bay area (extra top hats & spats in tow),
Riddle & Feng for the groovy photos (above) &
the lovely wildflower sculpture from their garden,
and the La Dance Macabre girls who helped me keep
my hat(and my head)on all night long! We are so
lucky to have such wonderful friends who grace
our establishment with their fabulousness!

I like to think that Oscar would have been pleased...

For a good time call on:
~Dirty Sexy Wilde Punch~
Rose Petals
Raspberry Syrup
Rose Syrup
Pink Lemonade
Seven Up or Ginger ale

We must have been thirsty - we got to the bottom of 4 huge punch bowls!

SOTN: Dirty Sexy Wilde (Of Course)


says,"I was warned this fragrance was
very earthy, but since I love earthy scents (vetiver is a
huge favourite)I thought, "what the hey!"And... "What the
Hey!" indeed! Not too earthy at all, actually I think the
person who warned me confused 'earthy' with 'musky, sweaty
and sated'.It has a beautiful, just barely there smokiness
about it. Not an incense smokiness; more a small fire deep
in the forest, to rest by after a night of carnal delights.
The citrus balances the deeper tones nicely. Honestly,
it's like laying on a bed of crushed grasses and flowers,
deep in a deciduous forest. With your lover in your arms.
And that little fire flickering beside you as you rest in
the afterglow. I wear it very lightly, and notice people
sniff and turn to see if they can track down the source of
the fragrance. Perfect sillage! And a little lasts a
loooong time. I've had nothing but positive comments
about Dirty Sexy Wilde. It's unusual, different and far
from common. I absolutely agree with Mirabelle Jee in
that it may be more for men... men who want to get laid!
And for the woman who wants to be not just noticed, but remembered."


"The Picture of Dorian Gray" was Wilde’s only full-length novel.

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