Thursday, June 30, 2011


Special thanks to Carrie Meredith of the legendary Beauty and Fragrance Blog EYELINER ON A CAT for her splendid review of two Scents from our Les Bohemes Collection; DAPPER ( of which she says,"This perfume is a no-brainer for every season, men or women-- it is a true delight.") And HEAVY SUGAR ("Heavy Sugar is linear, full of syrupy, powdered kisses, and will leave a scent trail behind you that will make people weak in the knees.")

Please visit EYELINER ON A CAT to read the entire review!

Although this Collection is still pending release, I'm happy to announce that we are selling Limited Editions of our Pre-Release Batch at OPUS OILS. We also have some Special offers on Limited Edition Les Bohemes Scent Coffrets at our Opus Oils Etsy Shop.

Our Les Bohemes Collection (The Bohemians) is a throwback to the age of Speakeasies & wild abandon… Are you looking for an escape from the next Great Depression? Let us take you into the backroom on a journey through time where the secret password is “Jitterbug” & the good times flow like Bathtub Gin… Rich, Ultra Decadent & Shamelessly heavy on the Natural Essences – just like the scents that were constructed during Perfume’s Golden Age of the 1920’s.


Carrie Meredith said...

Well, now you're making ME blush! There's some kind of rosie chain-reaction going on around here, and I LIKE IT! xoxo

Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Lol! Blushing is good for the complexion, and the soul :~)!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

These are not only great reviews of your fragrances, but also are a delight to read! Very nice!


Jitterbug Perfumer said...

Hi Betty! So glad you enjoyed :~)!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!!