Sunday, October 23, 2011

Perfumery's Future: IFRA Fall 2011 Presentation by Michelle Krell Kydd

Recently, I had the opportunity to create a fragrance in response to a "Social Media Fragrance Brief," from one of my all time favorite Flavor & Fragrance Writers, Michelle Krell Kydd of GLASS PETAL SMOKE. Michelle is one of the Flavor and Fragrance Industry's most exciting and industrious writers. In addition to her own Blog she is a regular contributor to Perfumer Flavorist Magazine.

In "Twitter's First Fragrance Brief," Michelle asked independent perfumers to create a perfume which could be sensed by Anosmics - those who have no sense of smell. She wondered if it was possible to make a perfume that would stimulate the Tirgeminal Nerve 5, thus giving Anosmics the sensation that they were actually smelling something...

This idea was immediately intriguing to me as my Mother has been Anosmic, for all of my adult life(due to a head trauma). This means that she has never smelled any of my Perfume Creations... I think (most) all Perfumers share in that one of the biggest inspirations to their Olfactory Tapestry is their Mother. Deep down, we all want to make something beautiful that "Mother will Love". So it was a no brainer that I would respond to Michelle's challenge to attempt the seeminly impossible - to create a scent that could be sensed by people that have no sense of smell!

Michelle previewed the resulting scent "EAU PEAR TINGLE," recently during her Keynote Speech presentation at IFRA (International Fragrance Association 2011 Fall Meeting and Luncheon). In her words, "EAU PEAR TINGLE, is divine. (It)Starts out modern, trills with a fresh cooling effect and dries down with classic qualities... It was well received and indicative of the future of fragrance creation coupled with the power of social media...."

I would like to encourage my readers to check out GLASS PETAL SMOKE, Michelle's exceptional Blog.

Here's you opportunity to be a fly on the wall inside the hush hush world of the Fragrance Industry, as Michelle's presentation "Perfumery's Future," for the IFRA Fall 2011 Luncheon is embedded in the post!

Stay tuned for more details about EAU PEAR TINGLE ~ "The perfume you can feel!"

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