Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Scents ~ October in Review

Our October was off to a great start with with a Feature/Interview in Issue #34 of Gothic Beauty Magazine!!! GOTHIC BEAUTY is America's favorite Gothic magazine, and we were thrilled to be spotlighted. My thanks to Kirsty Evans for writing such a haunting review, and to Carrie for generously sharing her copy!

Glowey Joey Bunny at Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies, had a sleepless night tossing and turning with our CHARLIE #5, from The Afraid of the Dark Collection... What was she thinking, wearing CHARLIE to bed?

According to Joey, "Charlie #5 is a truly delicious, seductive amber. Upon application, I was knocked back by a hypnotic mix of deep amber, an animalic musk, and a rich, creamy vanilla. Oh god, oh god! I could not stop sniffing myself. Sillage was very good, and my room was scented with just the two-three dabs of the perfume oil I had applied on my wrists and neck." Visit her fabulous blog to read the whole review Beauty, Bacon, Bunnies.

Luckily, just in time for Halloween, Joey found her Inner Vampire & Eternal youth in our ODE DE VAMPYRE. She says, "Ode de Vampyre is my scent, bottled. The slightest hint of a spicy saffron mixes with this unbelievable powdery accord: orris and sandalwood, two of my weaknesses. A strong facade of innocence covers up the demon within - I get hints of rose, of resin, of wood, but they take a backstage to that beautiful babyish scent. Delicious, so close to the skin, and frighteningly familiar..." Click Here to read the full review.

Victoria at EauMG knows how to have grown-up Halloween fun... Be sure to visit her blog where she shares some of her favorite scented treats in her Halloween 2011 Fragrance Guide. We are so flattered that Victoria picked our VOODOO to be her Halloween Costume this year! In her words, "Voodoo is spine-tingling b-film in perfume form... Something about it is fiery and bewitching..." (We could say the same thing about the ever lovely Victoria!)

Enjoy the Scents of the Season, & have a Happy Halloween!!!

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