Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Nothing could be more delicious or more decadent than lounging around on the Velvet Fainting Couches in our Jitterbug Perfume Parlour, sipping a glass of fine champagne laced with Tuberose Absolute, listening to Edithe Piaf sing "Adieu Mon Coeur", & watching the rain fall down on Hollywood Blvd... Perhaps, if we were in Paris, and chocolate and/or feathers were involved...

KEY NOTES: Vanilla, Blond Tobacco, Sweet Lemon


Rebella says, "Among the burlesque-line, Tramp is my favourite. It is rich, vibrant and sexy, but in a soft spoken and almost shy way. Tramp is a gorgeous kind of golden blend with hints of something lemony and the tobacco is laid back and creamy. The patchouli and sandalwood add a richness to the base, but very soft and lingering. Overall this perfume is very soft and lingering, seductive, kind of old school... Really nice, long lasting... A must try for creamy vanilla lovers."

Livia Says, "Today, I decided to wear ‘Tramp’ – when I read that the notes included Sweet Lemon Blossom, I thought it’d have a bit of a floral-citrus hit to it, but on my skin,the Warm Vanilla, Sugar and Blonde Tobacco are the stand-out notes. Beautiful!! I never thought I’d enjoy the smell of tobacco in a perfume! But the blend with the vanilla sugar note has really surprised me!! I think I know what I’m going to ask my parents to get me for Christmas!"

Interesting TID-BIT #1: Young Sally Rand literally ran away to join a carnival as a teenager. Over the years she worked as a nightclub cigarette girl, life model, cafe dancer and stage actress (working under the name Billie Beck). Notorious Sally was considered the greatest fan dancer ever, she caused a national scandal by performing her first "obscene" dance at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair... When she was initially
unsuccessful in gaining a role at the Fair, she industriously staged a Lady Godiva inspired stunt at the gates, arriving entirely nude, atop a white horse! The scandal boosted the World Fair’s popularity and Sally was invited to be a featured performer in the ‘Streets of Paris’ exhibition, where she performed her feather fan dance in a mock Parisian street scene.

INTERESTING TID-BIT#2: The Victorian Coupe glass is rumored to be styled from Marie Antoinette's breast...

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