Thursday, April 16, 2009

Scent Awakening

It was a feeling that came over me like a dream...
Lucid thoughts, tickled my mind and awoke my senses.
I imagine myself in another time and place...
Where glamour and beauty were the most important things
in the world. I am the center of attention; a young movie
actress being coached and publicized for starring roles,
About to become Legend... Today, I am Lana Turner,
Marilyn Monroe, and Rita Hayworth - all rolled in to one...

SOTD: STARLET Natural Perfume
KEY NOTES: Rose,Neroli,Nutmeg Absolute,Cocoa Absolute


Dixie Evans Burlesque Legend says, "I feel like Marilyn when
I'm wearing my Starlet Perfume!"

Justine Crane said, "Starlet by Opus Oils ~
oh,mama! Kedra Hart of Opus Oils is a master when it comes
to this blending gig. When I first sniffed this gorgeous
parfum, I was immediately taken back to my childhood as
memories of my grandmother’s perfume box crowded in on me.
This stuff is heavy, it’s thick, it’s floral and spicy and
rich and clean ~ oh, mama! Just a drop will do and you’re
good for the whole day . . . the whole night, even."

Mirabell Jee said , "It reminds me light geranium
smell with a bit lemon and roses. Voluminal and hot
at the beginning,a little sweet and fresh then. A smell of the
south young girl on the Seaside in summer."

TASTY TID-BIT #1:(Some) Butterflies have a scent!
It has been described as "Musk-like, Vanilla,
& Pleasantly Piquant"...

TASTY TID-BIT #2:The Large blue Alcon Butterfly uses
chemical mimicry to disguise the smell of their larvae
so that ants will neglect their own brood and feed them...

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